Mac OS X 10.8 Gatekeeper

Latest Mac OS X Version i.e. 10.8 (Mac Mountain Lion) offers a new security feature labelled as Gatekeeper. This new Mac Security feature can be controlled using Security & Privacy Settings. This basically allow a Mac User to specify which type of applications are allowed to be run on the Mac OS X 10.8 version. […]

Mac Screenshot feature in Windows 8

No doubt that Windows is one of the most popular operating system in the world, but Mac Users have enjoyed lots of useful and unique features in various Mac Versions. With every new version of Mac, Apple is adding more and more features allowing the users of Mac to get more out of their investment. […]

Mac Free to try Software Downloads

Whether you are using Mac or any other operating system, software downloads can be really useful for anything that the native operating system does not provide. When software downloads are free to try or even free, they give you flexibility in selection of the software. Many times free software downloads are provided by various individuals or companies to […]

Mac Automator Alternative

Mac Automator is a really sophisticated software which can be used to automate almost anything on a Mac. In case your task to be automated on Mac OS X has to be done using Mouse Clicks or Keyboard Typing & you want an easy to use software with graphical user interface, you might wish to […]

Auto Clicker Mac

The Auto Clicker referred here is a software utility which can be used to automatically click mouse cursor. There are many mouse clicker presented here with unique features so that you can select the best auto clicker for your mac. Whether you are using MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or any other Macintosh Desktop or Laptop, […]

Mac Auto Keyboard

Keyboard Typing on a Mac Keyboard is really fun, however when you do need to press a single keyboard key multiple times, a Mac Keyboard Automation Software can be of real help. Whether you need to press a key on keyboard multiple times with fixed or a random delay in between consecutive key presses can […]

Runescape Auto Clicker Mac

Whether you want an auto clicker for Runescape or Farmville or any other game, the Mac Auto Clicker presented here can be really useful. Unlike Mac Automator, this Mac Auto Clicker allows you to automate almost everything that can be done using mouse. Mouse Clicks of every type can be automated with this software utility. All you […]

Mac Copy Paste Shortcuts

Apple Macintosh provides quick and easy shortcuts to do copy paste in Finder or in any other application that supports it. This post talks about few Copy Paste Shortcuts in Mac which can be really handy when using a Apple Mac. There are Keyboard Shortcuts to copy the selected item(s) to clipboard, paste the copied […]

How to use MurGaa Software Utilities

MurGaa Software Utilities for Apple Macintosh are distributed on a try before buy basis. In order to use selected Keyboard or Mouse Automation Utility, you would need to download the appropriate installer using the download link on website. Once you have downloaded the software (which is packaged as a .zip file) open it from […]

Mac Runescape Typer

How about an automatic typer software utility which can automatically type using mac keyboard. This Mac Runescape typer works on Mac OS X version 10.4 onwards version and is a small & sophisticated automatic typer utility. Whether you are looking for a Runescape Typer or just a simple automatic typer, this automatic typer utility can […]