Change Mac OS X Desktop

Mac OS X Desktop is really configurable and allows you to view and change lots of options for desktop icons, spacing between icons and much more. In order to change or view the configurable options of Mac Desktop, you can right click on some empty space and select the View Options Menu. This method of […]

Mac OS X Desktop Background

Changing Mac OS X Desktop Background image is really easy to use. All you need to do is find some empty space on your Mac Desktop and Right Click to view a popup menu which has a menu item option to Change Desktop Background as displayed below. Once you click on the Change Desktop Background […]

Mac OS X Global Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard can be really easy and quick way to manage your Mac OS X. Keyboard Shortcuts in Mac OS X are available in two different ways. Application specific Keyboard Shortcuts are really useful and many times similar application keyboard shortcuts are exposed by various applications giving an impression that specified keyboard shortcut on Mac OS […]

Dock in Mac OS X

Dock in Mac OS X is one of the best functionality of Mac OS X. On a new Mac OS X, by default the Dock is a colorful window of clickable and draggable icons. The Dock in Mac OS X can be docked to left , right or bottom of the screen using system preferences. […]

Configure Mouse Cursor in Mac OS X

Mouse is definitely one of the most useful functionality in Mac OS X. Whether you have bought a new Macbook or any other Mac Computer or you want to change / configure mouse control features, this post can be really helpful to view or change various mouse parameters such as Tracking Speed, Double-Click Speed, Primary […]

Mac OS X Startup Items

Managing Startup Items or applications which startup automatically when you logon to your Mac OS X is really easy with the information provided below. This post provides two ways in which you can view and edit the applications that startup automatically with Mac OS X. A Quick way to enable or disable startup items on […]

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard is definitely the easiest way to communicate with a Mac. Irrespective of the Mac OS X version you are using, you will definitely find information provided here about Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac. Yes there are lots and lots of keyboard shortcuts and most of the times the applications that provide those shortcuts do display […]

Mac User’s Reality and Windows User’s Dream

Monitor wakeup on mouse movement is something that windows users get, whereas Mac users get the best and when monitor is sleeping or is in low power state, a keyboard key press is required to wakeup the monitor. Mouse Movements / Clicks etc can be simulated by 3rd party software applications or even by a […]

Windows to Mac

This post can be really handy for a Windows User looking forward to migrate to Apple’s Mac or looking for help in using Mac. Few tips and tricks of Mac are provided in this Windows to Mac post of the blog. After reading this post a user of Windows Computer should be able to find […]

Uninstall Mac Auto Clicker

Software Uninstallation in Mac is totally different as compared to that in Windows. Many times you will find that small application utilities for Mac OS X do provide an installer, but they do not provide an un-installer. Free to try and download Mac Auto Clicker Applications provided by are such software utilities which does comes with […]