How to Launch Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper is a Security controller application in Macintosh Mountain Lion (Mac Version 10.8). This post describes how you can launch Gatekeeper to view current setting and optionally to change them. You would need to authenticate yourself in order to make changes to the Gatekeeper settings. To start with, open up System Preferences and  click on the Security and Privacy […]

Mouse Recorder Mac

The Software presented here can be used as Mouse Click Recorder on Mac 10.6 onwards. This Software allows you to simulate mouse clicks of various types as displayed in the screenshot below. Have a close look at the Mouse Recorder for Mac below to understand what all this Mac Automation Software can do for you. […]

MurGee Mac

Mac Keyboard & Mouse Automation Software Utilities as provided by MurGee for Mac are provided by Lots of Mac Mouse Automation & Mac Keyboard Automation Utilities for Apple Macintosh can be found at The Mac Software Utilities offered are also try before buy and carry no limitation in functionality in the trial version. […]

Download Mac Auto Clicker

Download any of the available mac auto clickers and try them for free. Yes you can download any of the mac auto clicker even if you do not have an Apple iTunes account. The Auto Clickers for Macintosh offered here are free to download, but a small registration fee is required once the free trial […]

How to Copy and Paste on Mac

This post talks briefly about how you can easily copy and paste on your Mac. The Mac on which you are trying to Copy and Paste can be any computer including Mac Pro , Mac Air, or any other Mac Laptop or Desktop Computer. The steps required to do Copy and Paste Remains the same […]

Mac Tips and Tricks

Mac is one of the easiest operating system to use and various tips and tricks of Mac are really easy to locate and find out if you can use your Keyboard, Mouse Left and Right Clicks. Yes almost everything supported by Mac can be explored using a careful look at either Application Specific Menu, Icon in the Dock and […]

Delete Files from Mac OS X

File Deletion is something you would need every now and then. On Mac OS X all you need to do is select single or multiple files in Finder or on Desktop using Mouse or Keyboard, Do a Right Click and select the Option Move to Trash. This action moves the selected File(s) to Trash which […]

Mac OS X Running Slow ?

In case you Mac OS X is running slow, this post can be helpful to find out the issue and possibly increase the speed of your Mac. There can be many ways to tuneup your Mac and you can find lots of software downloads which boast to increase the speed of your Mac. The very […]

Change Mac OS X System Preferences Icons

Mac OS X System Preferences displays lots of icons to configure various Mac OS X controlling features. Depending on the software applications you have installed on your Mac OS X, you may find lots of other icons added to system preferences of Mac OS X. In case you have installed Flash on your Mac, you […]

Rotate Display on Mac OS X

Mac OS X allows you to rotate your screen display using System Preferences. Landscape and Portrait Mode can be set using Displays Option of System Preferences. You can even change Display Resolution using the Displays Icon of System Preferences. In order to view / change the display options on your Mac OS X, open up […]