Mac Tips and Tricks

Mac is one of the easiest operating system to use and various tips and tricks of Mac are really easy to locate and find out if you can use your Keyboard, Mouse Left and Right Clicks. Yes almost everything supported by Mac can be explored using a careful look at either Application Specific Menu, Icon in the Dock and optionally at the Menu Bar icon.

Right Mouse Click on any Icon normally brings up options available for that particular icon. Whether you right click on an application’s icon in dock or application icon on desktop or finder or even on the menu bar, you can easily get whatever you want to do with your Mac OS X. Yes Apple tries to make sure that every user of Mac should be able to find his / her own way when using Mac easily and quickly.

In case you read various tips and tricks on this or any other website, you will note that most of the functionality of Mac OS X or any software downloads can be explored using Mouse Clicks (Left or Right) and Keyboard can be friendly as well most of the times. System Preferences is definitely one of the first place you should look to configure any of the Keyboard Shortcuts, Explore what 3rd party software downloads have provided to configure, Change Screen Resolution or anything else related to your original Mac OS X.