Uninstall Mac Auto Clicker

Software Uninstallation in Mac is totally different as compared to that in Windows. Many times you will find that small application utilities for Mac OS X do provide an installer, but they do not provide an un-installer. Free to try and download Mac Auto Clicker Applications provided by MurGaa.com are such software utilities which does comes with a setup file, but there is no application provided which you can run and uninstall any of the Mac Auto Clicker from your Mac running Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7 or even Mac OS X 10.8.

In order to uninstall any of the software utilities distributed by MurGaa.com, all you need to do is delete the Mac Auto Clicker file itself by locating it in the Finder. In case you have copied the Mac Auto Clicker to any other location including desktop, you can easily delete the file using the Move to Trash option available on the right click menu of the file. Ideally speaking yes there should be an uninstaller for every Mac Auto Clicker provided by MurGaa.com, but all the applications currently distributed are really small utilities which are enclosed in a single file. The size of the application file or even the setup file is really small and within seconds, you can get rid of any of the Mouse or Keyboard Applications offered by the software vendor.