Auto Clicker Mac

The Auto Clicker referred here is a software utility which can be used to automatically click mouse cursor. There are many mouse clicker presented here with unique features so that you can select the best auto clicker for your mac. Whether you are using MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or any other Macintosh Desktop or Laptop, the software utilities presented here can be used to automate mouse clicks on Mac Operating System 10.4 onwards. Yes the mouse software utilities presented here work on Mac Mountain Lion but you would need to allow the Gatekeeper to run application from all vendors.

The Auto Clicker presented here work without any extra settings on Mac OS X 10.4 ( Mac Tiger ), Mac OS X 10.5 ( Mac Leopard ) , Mac OS X 10.6 ( Mac Snow Leopard ), Mac OS X 10.7 ( Mac Lion ) and even on Mac 10.8 (Mac Mountain Lion) in which you will need to allow Gatekeeper to allow application download and run from Anywhere which is the 3rd option in General tab of Security & Privacy tab.

The Mac Auto Clicker is the simplest mouse utility which can be used to click Mouse cursor multiple times at current mouse cursor location. You can specify which type of mouse clicks should be automated from a mouse click selection combo. A unique feature in this software allows you to start and stop the mouse clicks with middle mouse click. Once you configure this Mouse Clicker to start and stop the clicking, you can minimize it and use the middle mouse button to start and stop the mouse clicking at current mouse cursor location.

Keyboard Shortcut to Start and Stop Automatic Mouse Clicking at current Mouse Cursor can be used with Fast Mouse Clicker. Download and try out this Macintosh Mouse Automation utility on Mac versions 10.4 to Mac 10.8. This fast clicker can click really fast and really slow as you configure it. The Keyboard Shortcut to start and stop the fast or slow mouse clicks can be selected from a list of keyboard shortcuts. The Minimize button on this Fast Mac Clicker allows you to minimize the utility, focus on the game or application on which you want to simulate mouse clicks. This Mac Clicker just clicks wherever mouse cursor is present whether you have single or multiple displays connected to your Macintosh.

Random Clicker for Mac allows you to simulate mouse clicks with random delay in between mouse clicks. Whether you want to simulate left click or right click or even middle mouse clicks on the game or application you are playing, this Auto Clicker can be used easily to click multiple times at current mouse location by simulating human interaction with the application or game which you want to be automated. Download this Mouse Clicker and simulate human interaction with any game or application you want to use on your Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.4 onwards.

Another sophisticated Mac Automation Utility which can create a macro or script to group toghether multiple mouse clicks and automate those clicks with a keyboard shortcut is Mac Auto Mouse Click. This Mac Utility does not requires any programming knowledge and can be really easy as compared to Mac Automator as this Mac Auto Clicker has been designed specifically to automate mouse clicks. Any type of  Mouse Click can be added to the script or macro created with this Mac Auto Clicker utility. Getting Mouse co-ordinates is as easy as pressing a single keyboard shortcut. This is the best free to try Auto Clicker to create Mouse Macros and execute them with a single keyboard shortcut.

In all the Auto Clicker presented above Access for Assistive devices must be enabled for Keyboard Shortcuts to work. All the Auto Clickers work for Mac 10.4 onwards and are totally free to download and try. In order to run any of the software listed here on Mac Mountain Lion you would need to allow application download and run from the Gatekeeper. Playing games on Macintosh, doing multiple Mouse clicks would be really easy to do and will help you save time, get accuracy and speed up your tasks on your Macintosh. You can view screenshots of all the applications of all the Auto Clickers on the Mac Automation Website and download any of the application without even an itunes account.