Runescape Auto Clicker Mac

Whether you want an auto clicker for Runescape or Farmville or any other game, the Mac Auto Clicker presented here can be really useful. Unlike Mac Automator, this Mac Auto Clicker allows you to automate almost everything that can be done using mouse. Mouse Clicks of every type can be automated with this software utility. All you need to do in order to auto click in games like runescape is define a fixed location where you want your mouse to click. Whether you need single mouse click or multiple mouse clicks to perform a task, as long as it is repetitive, the Mac Auto Clicker can automate that for you without asking to you learn a programming language, complex scripts or anything else. Simple and easy to user user interface of this software allows you to collect mouse clicks in a script and then run those scripts using a keyboard shortcut key.

Download this Mac Auto Mouse Click software, add mouse clicks, define a shortcut key to start or stop the automatic clicking on Apple Mac screen. Once you have stored the mouse click locations in the software, you can start the automatic clicking of mouse with a keyboard shortcut. This Keyboard shortcut is defined and stored on a per script basis and hence you can create and store multiple mouse automation scripts and define different keyboard or even same keyboard shortcuts to play the stored mouse clicks. As of this version, the Mac Auto Mouse Click software does not have a Mouse Click Recorder, but once you are comfortable with the software, you should be able to create mouse clicking scripts really easily and quickly. The software simulates mouse clicks and internally it sets up a countdown timer as per the delay stored for every mouse click. Whenever the Countdown Timer is fired, the software simulates a mouse click on the screen at the stored screen location. Runescape, Farmville, Farmtown and many other games offer a single flash based screen which can only be automated using keyboard or mouse inputs to the game. Mac Runescape Typer is another such keyboard automation software which can do automatic typing on the keyboard.