Mac Automator Alternative

Mac Automator is a really sophisticated software which can be used to automate almost anything on a Mac. In case your task to be automated on Mac OS X has to be done using Mouse Clicks or Keyboard Typing & you want an easy to use software with graphical user interface, you might wish to consider which offers lots of Mac OS X automation software downloads. Mouse Automation with help of global keyboard shortcuts can really fasten up your task and let you get the mots out of your automation efforts.

Lots of Mouse and Keyboard Automation software downloads presented on the can be really handy when playing a game like runescape or any other flash game, however Mac Auto Mouse Click is a really mouse automation software for Mac OS X 10.5 onwards. This software allows you to get the screen co-ordinates using a global keyboard shortcut. Once you have identified the location on screen where you want to simulate single or multiple clicks, you can store that Mouse Click Information in a script. You can store single or multiple mouse clicks this way in a file and then later load it easily. The saved Mouse Clicks file is basically a script or macro file which can be loaded in the software and with another global keyboard shortcut, you can play the mouse automation script on your Macintosh running any version of Mac OS X 10.5 and later Mac Versions.

On Mac OS X 10.8, you would need to allow the Gatekeeper to download and run mac setup files from other than itunes and Mac verified developers. You can download Mac Auto Mouse Click Software on your Mac OS X right now even without an itunes account. Once the installation is complete, the setup will show you how to locate the installed Mouse Automation Application in finder and then run it. This Mac Mouse Cursor Automation Utility creates an icon in Dock and multiple scripts can be run simultaneously. This Mac Automator alternative can be handy only when you can break down the task to be automated in the form of mouse clicks.