Mac Copy Paste Shortcuts

Apple Macintosh provides quick and easy shortcuts to do copy paste in Finder or in any other application that supports it. This post talks about few Copy Paste Shortcuts in Mac which can be really handy when using a Apple Mac. There are Keyboard Shortcuts to copy the selected item(s) to clipboard, paste the copied shortcut(s) to application or even duplicate the selected contents. The selected content may be file, folder, text, image or almost anything else. Most of the applications supplied by third party software vendors also support these shortcuts and hence these simple keyboard shortcuts can be real handy and time saaving when using Macintosh supplied utilities like TextEdit, Finder , etc or even third party applications.

  • Command + C (Select the item(s) to be copied, press Command Key, press the C Key and then release them both) to Copy selected Text, Image, File(s) or Folder(s) to clipboard . Copying to clipboard is something like storing actual item(s) reference or actual item to memory so that it can be later reused with ease.
  • Command + V (Select the item(s) to be copied, press Command Key, press the V key and then release them both) to paste already copied text, image or anything else from clipboard to the application with focus.
  • Command + D (Select the item(s) to be copied, press Command Key, press the D key and then release them both) to duplicate or jointly do copy paste functions easily and quickly.

Selection of item(s) to be copied can be done using Mouse Cursor or even Keyboard Keys (Arrow Keys might be useful here) and de-selection of item(s) can be done by clicking with mouse cursor on some other location. The Copy paste works across applications and you can copy item(s) from one application and paste them to other compatible application(s). Let’s say you have copied some text from TextEdit to clipboard, this copied text can be pasted to some other already open or new file in any other Text Editor.