How to use MurGaa Software Utilities

MurGaa Software Utilities for Apple Macintosh are distributed on a try before buy basis. In order to use selected Keyboard or Mouse Automation Utility, you would need to download the appropriate installer using the download link on website. Once you have downloaded the software (which is packaged as a .zip file) open it from the downloads folder. On opening of the zip file the installer should start which allows you to install the selected mac keyboard or mouse automation utility. Complete the installation and close the installer. Now open up Finder in your Mac and navigate to the Applications Folder. Locate the installed software utility and double click on it to launch it. In case you want to use the Keyboard or Mouse utility multiple time, right click on the utility icon in the Dock and select the option to keep it in Dock.

Given below steps provide step by step information on how to download and use the MurGaa Software Utilities for quick reference:-

  • Download the software utility from .
  • Locate the downloaded file in the downloads folder.
  • Double click on the downloaded file to start the installer.
  • Complete the installation procedure and close the installer.
  • Open Applications folder in Mac Finder.
  • Locate the installed software utility in the Applications folder.
  • Double Click on the installed application in the Applications folder.
  • Once the software utility is running, you can right click on the application icon in dock and select the option to Keep in Dock to launch the software utility easily.