Mac OS X 10.8 Gatekeeper

Latest Mac OS X Version i.e. 10.8 (Mac Mountain Lion) offers a new security feature labelled as Gatekeeper. This new Mac Security feature can be controlled using Security & Privacy Settings. This basically allow a Mac User to specify which type of applications are allowed to be run on the Mac OS X 10.8 version. The available options are as given below out of which the user can select one option.

  • Mac App Store
  • Mac App Store and identified developers
  • Anywhere

A Mac User will be able to select a single option from the available options. Lots of developers publish their applications on Mac App Store and many of the Mac Developers submit their information to Apple and become identified developers. Yes there will be a vast majority of developers who will prefer to distribute Mac Applications on their own websites and may not get Mac Identified developers. In this case, information about this new feature of Mac OS X 10.8 can be really helpful so that you can keep on using applications which are old and you are using them for long. Viruses and Malwares in Mac have been severely less as compared to Windows Applications and this new Gatekeeper feature of Mac Mountain Lion invites more and more software developers to gain trust of users and get identified by Apple or distribute their application using Mac App Store.