Count Mouse Clicks on Mac OS X

Do you want to know how many Mouse Clicks you have performed on your Mac OS X ? In case yes, you do want to know the number of mouse clicks you have done while interacting with various utilities, games, websites or any other mouse click intensive software such as graphics designing software, the utility presented here can be really of help to you. The utility listed here is a Click Counter for Mac and can count mouse clicks performed on your Mac OS X in a really easy & quick way. Yes this Mac Click Counter counts the automated mouse clicks, like the clicks performed by Mouse Automation Utility or the clicks performed manually.

Count Mouse Clicks on Mac OS X with Click Counter Software Utility

Mac Click Counter to Count Mouse Clicks

Download and try out this Mac Click Counter utility for free on your Mac OS X. There are no complicated settings required to be done and no calculations to be done in order to count the mouse clicks with this Mac Click Counter utility. Do have a close look at the screenshot of the software taken in a .webp file format using the Mac Screen Capture Software utility. This Click Counter allows you to specify the type of mouse clicks you want to count. In case you want to keep track of only Left Clicks, you can enable the option to count Left Clicks and leave all other types of Mouse Clicks disabled. Double Click will be counted as two clicks whether you are using the Left button or Right button for double click.

As evident from the screenshot of the Mac Mouse Click Counter above, there is a minimize button on the main screen of the Click Counter Software and a Quit button to terminate the application. When the application is terminated, it exits from system memory but saves the number of Mouse Clicks done so that you can later continue the counting of mouse click. The Reset buttons provided on the Mac Mouse Click Counter resets the count of specific click type to 0 and the grand total of mouse clicks is recalculated automatically as well. When counting the Mouse Click, you can either minimize the Mac Click Counter or move it to a corner of screen and watch the click count grow as more and more number of mouse clicks are done manually or using a mouse automation utility like Mac Fast Clicker.