Run Apple Script from Keyboard Shortcut

Apple Script files are an easy way to Automate repetitive Macintosh tasks. You can use Script Editor to write your own Script and save it as a file anywhere on you Mac. In order to assign a keyboard Shortcut, you need a way in which you can assign a configurable Keyboard Shortcut to any existing Apple Script […]

Mouse Recorder for Mac OS X

Record Mouse Clicks and other Mouse Actions with Mouse and Keyboard Recorder for Mac. Recording of Mouse Clicks allows you to play the recorded Mouse Clicks at a later date time. You can even use the Mouse Recorder to Automate tedious or repetitive task which requires lots of Mouse Clicking. Yes you can even playback the recorded Mouse […]

Macintosh Application to Schedule Tasks

Schedule Applications to Automatically Start on a single day or on multiple days in future with a simple Task Scheduler application presented here. You can also schedule any file to open up automatically with the default program. All you need to schedule a task on your Mac with this Task Scheduler is to select the Application or File and […]

Slow Mac Automation and Solution

Apps on Mac OS X responds to Manual and Automated Mouse Clicks exactly the same way. In case you are automating a a Mac App with an Automated Mouse Clicking or Keyboard Typing Software or even when sending Manual Mouse Clicks and Keystrokes, the Mac App may become slow. This Post provides a sample Video Tutorial and uses a Mouse Click Automation […]

Mouse Click with Mac Automator

Now you can add Mouse Clicking, Scrolling, Keyboard Typing and other functions in your Automator Workflows on your Mac. The Automator Action presented here allows you to add Left Click, Right Click, Middle Click, Double Click at Fixed or Current Mouse Cursor Locations. You can also automate Mouse Scrolling and Keyboard Typing from your Automator […]

Drag and Drop Automation on Mac OSX

The Software presented here allows you to Automate Mouse Drag and Drop with 3 basic Steps. Mouse Dragging Start, Move Mouse and then finally Mouse Dragging are the steps required to be done in order to Automate Drag and Drop in Mac OSX. The given below screenshot displays how you can add all the actions to […]

Time Converter for Mac OS X

A Simple to use Time Conversion Application for Mac OS X is presented here. This Time Converter Application allows you to convert MilliSeconds to corresponding Seconds, Minutes and Hours. Yes you can even convert Time Interval represented by Seconds, Minutes and Hours to MilliSeconds. Given below screenshot displays the main screen of the Timer Converter […]

Save Mouse Clicks in Mac OS X

Now you can Save Recorded Mouse Clicks on your Mac OS X with MurGaa Macro Recorder. As displayed in the Screenshot below, you need to Click on File Menu and then Click on the Save Menu Option to save recorded Macro containing Mouse and Keyboard Actions. Yes you can use the Open Menu Option of […]

Record and Playback Mouse Clicks on Mac

Whether you want to Automate Repetitive tasks or Automate repetitive steps in a Game or a Presentation, Recording of Mouse Clicks and Playing them back can be really handy. The Software Application presented here can be used to Record and playback Mouse Clicks and other type of Mouse Actions like Dragging, Scrolling, etc. Yes the […]

Best Mac OS X Automation Tool

Whether you need to do some sort of GUI Testing or any kind of repetitive tasks on your Mac OS X, Automation is the word you need to look for. Mac OS X supports automation in many ways and depending on your needs, selection of the best automation software for Mac OS X can be […]